Kelly Lu

My approach to massage goes back to when I was just 10 years old. Although born and raised in Australia, my family is of Vietnamese/Chinese background. This culture has massage embedded in its way of life.

As a chef, my father was continually complaining of shoulder or back pain or discomfort in his legs. Having learned massage from his parents, he was always very adamant that he would teach his children from an early age.

I became his firm favourite once he found out I had a natural talent for the art of massage. Unfortunately, for me, this meant that I was always the one he called upon when any nagging pain was bothering him!

Expanding and Growing My Knowledge and Skills

I decided to transform this initial passion for massage into a career that I am extremely passionate about. After completing my degree in psychology, I went on to study beauty therapy. Massage was a large part of this training and served to further my knowledge and interest in this art.

When I subsequently moved in the UK, I worked as a massage therapist in one of the most affluent health clubs in London. Located in the heart of Knightsbridge, this prestigious health club put me in contact with the super rich and famous who demand the best possible service that their money can buy.

My work here allowed me to perfect my massage techniques and expand my knowledge. I attended Deep Tissue and Myofascia Manipulation training courses organised by the club. These proved to be invaluable courses that allowed me to take my work to a higher level and I am now in the process of expanding my knowledge of structural work and Myofascia Manipulation.

Pregnancy and Baby Massage

I also specialise in pregnancy massage and baby massage. This is something that I really love, as there is nothing more satisfying than to help a future mum to go through such a tiring period of their life. I can also teach them to give their little one something that will strengthen their already growing bond.

I work from a studio in Tunbridge Wells and work with private clients from home. I can also offer home visits to women or couples if a client is unable or would prefer not to travel. In my experience, I believe that receiving massage on a regular basis improves every aspect of life and creates an awareness that can help you to embrace a better way of living.