Alessandro Saba

Over the years, I have competed on a national and regional level in Martial Arts and also have a real passion for rock/snow climbing. The task of trying to heal various injuries sustained during competitions and training led me to develop a real interest in massage and bodywork. I have since transformed this initial interest into a successful career that I am incredibly passionate about.

I studied at the British School of Shiatsu-Do in London for 3 years, and soon after, I completed a year long course in Anatomy Physiology and Therapeutic Massage. With my background in Martial Arts, I became fascinated by the oriental approach and continued to attend various courses in Thai Yoga Massage, Chinese Tui Na and Qi Gong, for movement, massage and meditation.

Keen to learn more, I enrolled in another 270 hour course over 2 years in Advance Myo-Fascia techniques with Kinesis Uk. This is based on the theory of Tom Myers Anatomy Trains, one of the leading schools in Structural Integration. It has a worldwide reputation for its excellent training.

Other Relevant Training

Anatomy Trains

Advance Myofascia technique with Myofascia UK

Black belt in Karate and currently training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Taken my first steps to becoming a Pilates teacher. I aim to achieve my qualification in 2015.

My movement background also includes many years of Yoga and Core stability exercise – tools that I find invaluable for my practice as a therapist.

I also worked for over 13 years in one of the most exclusive Health Clubs in London and have built a successful practice looking after an array of high profile individuals, including businessmen, politicians and various celebrities.

My extensive background in movement and my passion and dedication for my work allows me to offer a service that surpasses what you might receive when you see a standard bodyworker.

I have developed an excellent understanding of what the human body needs to function optimally, whether that is strengthening or loosening. I am happy to refer my clients to other practitioners in the event I am unable to deal with whatever condition they might present.