Therapists at Sports Massage Tunbridge Wells

At Tunbridge Wells Sport Massage we want to make sure to offer the best service possible by regularly attending seminars and workshops.
The body work industry is in constant evolution with new ideas and approach coming out on a regular basis as a consequence of professional sports wanting the best for their athletes.

We also make sure to treat each other every other week to experience first hand the result of our treatments and above all to share theoretical and practical information on how to perform specific techniques, this allow us to maintain the standards we proudly offer to our clients.

Although we want all our therapists to perform on a certain level we leave space for individual intuition and experience, allowing them to tailor the session to what our clients need and preventing them to simply repeat a series of techniques.

Alessandro Saba

Alessandro has quite a round approach to the way he works and he focuses primarily on helping clients re-balance their structure with a combination of Myo-Fascia manipulation and specific corrective exercises, basing his treatments on evidence that he gathers through a detailed screen and structural analysis.
He strongly believes that a body that is structurally balanced is less prone to discomfort and pain.
He is also very adamant that clients need to take full responsibility by following recommendations when going through changes.
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Kelly Lu

Kelly is an intuitive therapist and she has been learning massage from a very early age due to her Chinese/Vietnamese family background and made it a career when she was still back in Australia.

Although her focus is more on relaxation her deep tissue work is second to none and she is currently training in Myo-Fascia manipulation adding a more scientific approach to her body work.
Kelly is an avid learner who does her work with passion and great empathy, her massage is incredibly effective and relaxing.
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