L. W Mother of 5

Both my husband and I have had back massages with Kelly and we both think she is a terrific masseuse.  Her technique to release stress in the shoulders and back is very effective and we cannot recommend her enough.  She is also a very good beautician and a very kind and friendly person as well!

H.O Accountant

I would not hesitate to recommend Kelly, I went to see her for help with a recurring issue with my back. Kelly’s massages and advice were excellent. She was able to identify the issue and used her anatomical understanding to tailor the massages to me. After the treatments my back felt more supple and the tension in my back has cleared.

A.E Surveyor

Alessandro and Kelly have both been a formidable team. Working together to assist and help me to strengthen areas without the need for surgery. I’ve been able to complete a 10k run this year and feel a lot more confident with my body and how I can use different exercises to achieve my goals.

V.D. Banking and a Keen Runner

I initially started to see Alessandro as almost my last resorts after other more conventional approaches had failed to relieve a pain in my lower back that was bothering me for a long time and was becoming a daily problem especially with two children.
I was initially skeptical but after a thorough explanation on what in his opinion was the cause of my problem I started having more faith. His approach might sound simplistic but it resulted to be very effective. He immediately noticed that my walking wasn’t as fluid as it should and after a body check he pointed out various imbalances in my body explaining to me that pain of the kind I was experiencing is often the result of a body out of alignment and a compensatory process that went far to long forcing my body to work in a way it shouldn’t.
After few very deep sessions my body started to adjust and the pain faded away after my fourth session, I felt more upright and for the first time after along time I managed to go running without paying the consequences of having my back hurting for several days.
Alessandro has helped me tremendously when my hopes were almost lost and having been a keen sports man all my life I was really down to the idea of not being able to do something that I really enjoy.

R.D. Climbing Instructor

Alessandro’s treatment is enormously effective: tailored precisely to my particular problem, he has been able to achieve most encouraging results, and I’m delighted to recommend him to others.

A.H. Mother of 2

I was your appointment yesterday at 10am (Spanish and mum of two J). I just wanted to thank you since last night, it was the first night in a very long time that my back did not hurt. It was a strange and nice feeling!

V.P. Mother of 3

I initially saw Alessandro for a knee problem and he is now a permanent part of our lives! Structural massage on a regular basis works in ways I never expected like improved skin texture as well as helping my knee! Alessandro is so accommodating, professional and incredible with children! Every time he applies thought and consideration. From structural massage, personal training, exercising my 4 yr old boy to helping rehabilitate my middle child who had a brain tumour, he always goes that extra mile.

F.H. Investment Banking

I was fortunate to be introduced to Alessandro Saba at the PEAK healthclub at Jumairah Hyatt around 2002.
Over the last decade, Alessandro has totally changed my work out program positively and his methods of deep tissue massage have helped balance and strengthen my body. Alessandro’s approach has been professional effective and influential has helped me be in the best shape I have been in my adult life. He is also a delightful person to work with.
Other club members have constantly voiced out their praise to Alessandro consistent,reliable and innovative approach to massage and his advice to be second to none.

West Park Management

We set up a short term contract with Alessandro for our office employees with a view to offering just 6months of appointments.  Alessandro was so popular with everyone and did so much amazing work that we had a mass petition to keep him, he is now a permanent fixture.  Everyone who has visited Alessandro has not only felt better in their bodies but his positive uplifting attitude makes you leave feeling like the world is a better place.  Alessandro offers advice that enables his clients to improve their lifestyles and be nicer to their bodies.  I haven’t heard anything but positive feedback and success stories.  We love him