Sports Massage Tunbridge Wells

What is Sports Massage.

Describing Sports Massage is not as straight forward as you might imagine, simply because of it s wide range of use and application and the overlapping of techniques with other manual therapies, but it is generally accepted that Sports Massage is a combination of techniques used to manipulate the connective and muscle tissue in areas of pain, discomfort or restriction in your body in order to re-balance and release the soft tissue responsible in holding the problem.

Originally developed to help athletes before, during and after events, Sports Massage is now widely used by the general public who seeks help for injuries of different nature, chronic pain, restriction of movement, joint mobilization, as support during arduous training ( Either you are an athlete or not) and for general maintenance and well being.

Although Sports Massage is used very effectively for the treatment of injuries, it s true potential resides in it s ability to prevent, and regular sessions will enable you to experience a much freer body, capable of moving in a smoother and more energy efficient way thus limiting the possibility of injury during your daily activities, either you are performing in any sport, playing with the children or picking up shopping bags.

What happens during a session and how many do I need?

Before receiving a Sports Massage treatment a full health history together with a body assessment, while standing and moving, is taken in order to create a full understanding of how your body moves and a strategy that will enable me to apply the right technique and course of action.

It is more complex to determine the time when dealing with injuries, as many factors play a major role in the healing of a person. First of all it is important to understand what is the cause of the problem, (is it a muscle, a joint, a ligament or an internal organ?) and depending on the outcome different time and action will be needed. Sometimes a second opinion from a Physiotherapist or an Osteopath will be considered. Other factors vital to our healing is diet and exercise and the commitment to stick to it for the time required. I cannot emphasise more, that although Sports Massage is an incredible and effective therapy, most of the work that is needed for healing has to be done by you while receiving the full support by a qualified Sports Massage Therapist.

What are the benefits of receiving Sports Massage.

There is a very simple reason why Sports Massage has become so popular and that is because IT WORKS. Sports Massage offers a wide array of benefits to the athlete and to the regular public, from prevention of injuries to improve mobility and release of restrictions that can compromise performance either on a sport level or your daily life.

Improved blood and lymphatic circulation: vital for healing and removal of waste.

Delayed onset muscle soreness: soreness after few hours, especially after a new exercise that your body is not accustomed to is very common. Besides being painful, this soreness can compromise not only your sport performance but affect your daily activities and can be removed successfully with a Sport Massage.

Improved flexibility and joint mobility: lengthening areas of restriction and keep joints mobile and healthy is not only important to the athlete but for everybody. A shorten muscle can and does create a pull that can affect your mobility and cause you pain or discomfort, and if left un-treated can compromise your all structure sawing the seed for further discomfort.

Treatment of specific injuries: sprains, strains, tendinitis, joint related pain, plantar fasciitis, back pain are all conditions that can be treated successfully with Sports Massage.

Release of scar tissue: scar tissue is often formed after an injury. The result is a ticker more dense tissue that looses elasticity and creates restriction. Left untreated this tissue can create a line of pull in your body affecting areas far from the injury itself. Although impossible to eliminate completely Sports Massage can loosen it up and restore movement in the affected area.

Some of the conditions that can be treated with Sports Massage.

Back Pain                          Repetitive strain injury                        Plantar fasciitis

Hamstring strains            Ankle strains                                          Chronic pain

Frozen shoulder              

The benefits of Sports Massage are well known and documented and to receive sessions on a regular basis brings a new sense of self both physically and psychologically. Either you are an athlete that wants to improve performance or treat an injury, or you are seeking help for that pain that doesn’ t want to go, or you want to keep yourself at the top of your ability ( or peak performance?) Sports Massage is without any doubt an invaluable therapy that can help you achieve your desired goal.

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