Shiatsu Massage Tunbridge Wells

What is Shiatsu-do.

Shiatsu originated in Japan and its theory is based on the same principles of the Chinese Medicine system. Vital energy, called Qi in Japanese, flows around the body through a network of meridians that extend all over the body.

The word Shiatsu literally means “Finger pressure”, although various tools from elbow, palms, feet, knees together with stretches and mobilization are used during the session along the energy meridians lines and on acupressure points in order to re-activate the body’ s own natural tendency towards balance and energy flow.

To receive Shiatsu is a very enjoyable experience not only physical but also on a psychological level and after a session you often experience a sense of well being and freedom mentally and physically.

What can you expect.

The initial Shiatsu session is usually 90 min long and it starts by taking a full medical history and an assessment of the way your body moves and relates to gravity, which will give me the necessary information to tailor the treatment specifically to your own needs. It is followed by assessing the “Hara” (this is your abdomen).

In Japanese healing arts and in Martial Arts the Hara is the area from which energy resides and gentle palpation around it gives me a better understanding of the quality of the energy of the various organs.

It has to be added that Shiatsu is received fully clothed preferably with a loose shirt and track suit of natural fabrics on a padded mat on the floor. Working on the floor with the client fully clothed has some advantages, as I am able to manipulate the body more freely then when working on a massage table.

As previously mentioned various tools are used during the session and treatment might vary from being gentle and nourishing to dynamic and deep.

Not heavy meals or alcohol should be consumed before or straight after your session and, if necessary, various exercises and diet advice would be recommended.

Follow up treatments are generally 60 min long.

What are the benefits of receiving Shiatsu.

Receiving Shiatsu is really a pleasurable, re-energising and re-invigorating experience. It strengthen  the immune system, helps to re-align posture, improves lymphatic and blood circulation, calms the mind, improves mobility, improves peristalsis (bowel movement), and it generally gives you a newer better feeling of one-self.

What are the conditions that can be helped and treated with Shiatsu

Back related pain                                         Low energy level

Chronic fatigue                                              Pre menstrual tension

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