Functional Movement

Movement is at the very core of the human body. Our bodies are a fantastic design of bio-mechanical engineering designed for outstanding fits, but unfortunately a big percentage of us partially or completely deny the care that our body mostly need which is simply movement.
The phrase “if you don t use it you loose” could not be more accurate int this instance.

I have been training most of my life in full contact martial arts but with some wisdom coming from ageing, and above all tired of going back home limping, bruised and battered I moved my attention more into functional movement and Brazilian jujitsu.

What is functional training then?

Functional training utilises exercises that will improve your strength, mobility, flexibility, endurance and your life in general.
The focus is into creating different types of exercises which benefits you in your every day life. We daily have to carry, push, lift, walk, squat etc. so when training why would you want to stabilise yourself, like when using gym equipment, while in your daily activity the only tool you have to perform those actions is your body?

Functional movement is now well proved to be the best form of training to build a body that is strong, free from restrictions and flexible and the greatest thing is that regardless your age or conditions you will still be able to achieve incredible results.

I am confident enough to say that my approach to training clients is very thorough.
So if you are looking to loose weight, prepare for a fight, getting better at the sport of your choice or generally get healthier and fitter 25 years experience in martial arts, still practising Brazilian jujitsu, a thorough understanding of functional movement and over 16 years experience in body work give me the necessary tools to tailor the training sessions to the single individual regardless of what your goal is.
But above all with my experience as a therapist I am able to assess and understand how your body has compensated over the years reducing the risk of unnecessary injuries.

I have also recently attended two further seminars, the FMS ( Functional Movement Screen) and SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment).

FMS is a great tool which aim is to pin point weakness in the body.
It is a set of seven specific movements that allows me to understand with accuracy any mechanical deficiency.
I strongly believe that anybody that decides to start or are already practicing any physical activity should go through in order to minimise the risk of injuries.

FMS is now used by professional football, basketball and american football clubs reducing in some instances up to 70 per cent the reoccurring or the onset of injuries.

In the event that pain is found during the screen the SFMA will give me an even better understanding on where the pain originates by assessing the body thoroughly and in recommend you the right approach to undertake..

If you require more information don’t estate to contact me.

Best to you all and start moving.