Treatments at Sports Massage Tunbridge Wells

At Sport Massage Tunbridge Wells we offer a variety of treatments ranging from Sport Massage, Myo-Fascia Manipulation for Structural Balance, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue and Relaxation.

W take great pride in what we do and we constantly strive to be the best we can be at what we do. We can confidently say that our services are second to none and having an accumulated experience of over 25 years in the practice with hundreds of happy clients both in Tunbridge Wells and London we can guarantee you a top service.

Sport Massage

Sports Massage is now a well establish form of preventative therapy and also widely used in the treatment of injuries among professional and non professional athletes.
Sport massage has also been accepted by the public as a way to deal with complaints that arise from our regular life.
Frequent sessions of Sport Massage not only help in reducing the possibility of injuries,but allows the body to function at it s best.
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Myofascia Manipulation for Structural Balance

Myofascia Manipulation for Structural Balance is a very effective therapy used in dealing with injuries or when postural problems are present.
The way we move and how our body stands in relation to gravity is vital for a functional free of discomfort body.
When our body is out of alignment not only is it more prone to injuries in general but it also becomes less energy efficient causing our body to get tired and fatigue much more easily.
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Shiatsu is an interesting form of Japanese body work. The treatment is performed on a futon at floor level with the client dressed with a loose comfortable t-shirt and loose trousers.
Shiatsu is deeply relaxing and nurturing yet it can be quite firm and deep.
Its principle reside in the Meridian system of Chinese Medicine and the aim of the therapist is to rebalance the client’s energy with a combination of pressure points, stretching and manipulation.
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Deep Tissue massage
Deep Tissue massage techniques are usually incorporated in most massage styles depending on the knowledge of the therapist. The strokes are slow and as the word itself suggests deep. It is used to relieve areas where the tissue becomes “congested” to restore the functionality of the muscles.
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