V.D. Banking and a Keen Runner

I initially started to see Alessandro as almost my last resorts after other more conventional approaches had failed to relieve a pain in my lower back that was bothering me for a long time and was becoming a daily problem especially with two children. I was initially skeptical but after a thorough explanation on what in his opinion was the cause of my problem I started having more faith. His approach might sound simplistic but it resulted to be very effective. He immediately noticed that my walking wasn't as fluid as it should and after a body check he pointed out various imbalances in my body explaining to me that pain of the kind I was experiencing is often the result of a body out of alignment and a compensatory process that went far to long forcing my body to work in a way it shouldn't. After few very deep sessions my body started to adjust and the pain faded away after my fourth session, I felt more upright and for the first time after along time I managed to go running without paying the consequences of having my back hurting for several days. Alessandro has helped me tremendously when my hopes were almost lost and having been a keen sports man all my life I was really down to the idea of not being able to do something that I really enjoy.